<i>Born out of</i><i></i><i>Necessity</i>
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Born out ofNecessity

Preservation Trades

A resounding YES to the call from other trades who are craving growth and an opportunity to learn. This non-profit network of forward thinkers will help answer the call to those new to traditional trades and those currently working with a current preservation trade.
Currently we are in the beginning phase of organizing the round table to elect a board of directors with key knowledge in specific roles need to the organization. If you would like to contribute, please email info@preservationtrades.ca

Trade Workshops to be offered:

Heritage Brickwork:
- Brick Building, Bonds and Details.
- Brick and Mortar Finishes.

Heritage Stonework:
- Stone Conservation Techniques.
- Stone Cutting and Carving.
- Stone Building and Bonds.
- Dry-Stone Construction.

Heritage Carpentry:
- Wood Turning.
- Wood Carving.
- Wood Conservation.

Heritage Windows and Glazing:
- Wood Window Conservation
- Wood Window Hardware
- Glazing and putty.

Stained Glass Work:
- Lead Came and Glass Cutting.
- Simple Stained Glass Conservation.
- From Cartoon to Soldering Work.

Traditional Copper Work:
- Learn to work with Copper.
- Bending and Copper finishing.
- Flashing and Counter Flashing.
- Copper detailing and Uses.

Traditional Plaster Work:
- Ornamental Plaster Work
- Plaster and Lathe Work.

Lime and Its Uses:
- Lime Putty.
- NHL and PHL Mortars.
- Lime Renders and Various Uses.
- Lime for Traditional Brick and Stone Mortar.

Blacksmith Traditional Tool Making.
- Learn How to Use a Forge Iron and Metal.

And more to come…