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Preservation Trades Roundtable

The PTC Roundtable brings our members together each month to chat about their businesses and about industry issues. Together we strategize ways to push our skills and businesses forward . All members are invited!
We gather for an hour in our private online meeting room for this moderated discussion.

- During PTC Business Roundtable meetings we:
- Brainstorm solutions for business problems
- Find support and accountability
- Discover opportunities for collaboration, learning and teaching
- Plan upcoming workshops
- Celebrate recent successes
- We know that being a small business owner can be isolating. Preservation Trades member meetings can help fill all sorts of needs for those looking for help with their business.

How to participate

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Our private, members-only group is our place to gather, share, connect, and inspire.
Brainstorm growth strategies, discuss industry news, and celebrate your wins with open-minded creative business owners.
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